World Book Day Celebrations

Pancake Day in P2 and P3

Genevieve the Goat Visits P2 and P3


Big Spring Clean

Making Pancakes

P2 and P3 made perfect pancakes.   We measured flour and sugar and we added egg and milk.  We whisked and mixed and Mrs Keown fried the pancakes.  We flipped the pancakes and we shared them with P1, P4 and P5.  We put nutella and maple syrup on them and we all agreed that they were delicious.


Sheep all around

P2 and P3 have been busy working on the topic of farming.  This is some of their art work and you can see that the children are very proud of their sheep. 



Making Buns

After a shopping trip yesterday the children in P2 and P3 were delighted to do some baking today.  We weighed our ingredients, mixed, baked and decorated some buns and after what seemed a long wait, we ate our buns.

Planting Flowers

P2 and P3 were planting flowers for the pots at the school front door.  We planted pansies, begonias, geraniums and ivy.  You have to agree that the children are fantastic gardeners but we will have to water the plants and look after them too.  That will really test our green fingers.

Making Apple Tarts

Mrs Keown and Mrs McGowan  were very busy making apple tarts but they were very lucky because the children were eager to help and did most of the work.  P2 and P3 were busy mixing, rolling,  baking and eating.   Everyone enjoyed the apple tarts and everyone agreed that they were delicious. At the end of the day we all had apple tart to eat and enjoyed every crumb.


Bird Food

P2 and P3 children were feeling sorry for the birds outside the classroom so they made some bird food.  The birds seem to be very hungry and they are enjoying the food so we’ve included the recipe.



Halloween in P2/3