Mission Statement

We, the Governors and staff of St. Martin’s PS, believe the school to be an integral part of the community, welcoming children of all faiths and cultures. We are committed to the aims of Catholic education and in our work, consider the uniqueness and individual needs of all children by delivering a broad, balanced, differentiated and effective education in accordance with the Northern Ireland Curriculum.

We aim to prepare children as life long learners through a wide range of experiences in a safe and secure environment, where they are respected, valued and cared for as individuals and where EVERY child matters. We aspire to motivate, support and inspire personal, spiritual, emotional and educational development in all our pupils in a holistic and inclusive way.

As a school community, we endeavour to develop strong links with pupils, parents, staff, governors, parish, the local community and all outside agencies who work with us, to provide a quality education for all our children.


School Aims

  • To promote the Catholic ethos and a system of pastoral care for each individual in an atmosphere of Christian value, while also embracing an inclusive policy and atmosphere for pupils from all denominations


  • To provide an inclusive, broad and balanced curriculum to ensure that all pupils have access to the Northern Ireland Curriculum regardless of their educational, physical, emotional or other needs at a level appropriate to their development


  •  To develop good home-school links so that children can benefit from teachers and parents working as partners in their education


  •  To develop in children an understanding and appreciation of their own culture and tradition whilst also fostering in them tolerance, respect and mutual understanding of others through programmes such as PDMU and Shared Education


  •  To maintain acceptable forms of behaviour within a structured and managed environment where positive attitudes are encouraged


  •  To provide children with a stimulating learning environment where they can become confident, independent learners and have equal opportunities so as to develop themselves as individuals and also to become contributors to society, the economy and the environment