Primary 5/6 - Mrs Burns

World Book Day 2024

We  celebrated World Book Day in St Martin's today!

The children dressed as characters from some of their favourite books and created amazing characters as part of a literacy task.

Well done to Logan, Lily, Callum and Linea who won prizes for their efforts.

In P5/6 we took part in a live lesson for World Book Day, we learnt how to create cartoon characters and draw a comic strip. We also learnt how comic strips were structured.

The children completed some wonderful comic strips with some very original ideas- well done everyone!!!

Problem Solving 

The children used IZAK 9 in "Problem Solving Friday". They used their knowledge of the 4 operations to solve the numeracy tasks. The children worked very well together and solved the problems in record time - well done everyone!!!

Recount Writing

In P5/6 the children have been learning all about recount writing. First the children looked at the features of recount writing. They then used iPads to research information a famous person who they admire. The children then used the information to write a biography and to write a letter to the person they had chosen.

Mrs Burns then sent the letters to those people. The children were delighted to receive response from some of these people.  They included Mo Salah, Jurgan Klopp, Trent Alexander Arnold, Sean Quigley, Ryan Jones, Jeremy Clarkson and Gareth Maguire from the Tumbling Paddies 


Congratulations and celebrations in P5/6 in Term 1!!

Congratulations to the boys and girls in P5/6 who were awarded certificates at assembly for all their efforts in Mathletics and Accelerated Reading in Term 1. 

Mathletics Winners:

P5 - Ciara Latten     P6- Shea Keown

Children who put immense effort into Accelerated Reading:

P5- Saoirse Reid      P6 - Callum Mc Cabe

Children who achieved their AR target in Term 1:

Florie Carty, Emmet Lavelle, Holly Mc Goldrick  and Saorlaith Flanagan 


We have been learning about PowerPoint Presentations as part of UICT curriculum.

We used iPads to research information about our favourite  country and then created a PowerPoint.

We added transitions, animations and voice overs. We then presented the PowerPoint to the class.

Well done everyone.

Halloween Spooktacular!!!

Well done to all the boys and girls who participated in the Halloween parade in school today. The other children gave them a big cheer and there was lots of "high fives" and  excited shrieks of delight. Everybody looked amazing - well done everyone!!!


The children in St Martin's participated in Maths Week Ireland.

In P5/6 the children completed a problem solving trial. They had to use iPads to scan the QR code and answer the question which was displayed on screen. The children worked in groups to complete the task!!. Well done everyone.