Primary 4 & 5, Mrs Burns


In numeracy we are learning how to find the perimeter of shapes.

We used chalk to draw shapes and to work out the perimeter of 2D shapes.

It was cold outside but we had so much fun learning outdoors.


Under the Sea

Our topic in WAU for September and October is Under the Sea. We have been learning about the oceans and the seas around the world and what lives in the ocean. During art we used felt to make a fish and used tissue paper to make a mosaic.

Procedural Writing

We have been focusing on procedural writing as our writing genre for the past six weeks. The children have been learning how to write instructions in sequenced steps and have used some excellent imperative verbs.  The children thought it would be fun to create a board game and write instructions to their game. The children really enjoyed the task and the boards games were amazing. After they had written the instructions, the children were able to play the board game with the other boys and girls in the class.

Ancient Egyptians

Our topic in P4/5 has been Ancient Egyptians. We have looked at all the traditions of Ancient Egypt, the different Pharaohs and the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. We have really enjoyed this topic. As part of our topic we made papyrus pictures. Papyrus was used for many things in Ancient Egypt but the most important use was for paper. We made our own papyrus paper and we were then able to draw Egyptian Art on the papyrus paper.

GAA Blitz

Fermanagh GAA organised a successful blitz in Erne Gaels GAC and the sun shone in a beautiful Spring day in Belleek . The children from P4/5 joined the children from St Davog's P.S to put into practice all the skills they had learned with Fergal. The children really enjoyed it. Thank you Fergal and Fermanagh GAA for organising it.

World Book Day 2019!!!

The children dressed up as their favourite characters from books by David Walliams, Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl and characters from traditional fairy tales. The children designed a book review using cereal boxes based on their favourite books. The book reviews  are absolutely amazing  and the children looked fantastic. Well done P4/5 :)  

To celebrate National Compliment Day, we made a compliment cloud each. Our friends had to give us compliments and we then stuck them to our cloud.

Today we celebrated Pancake Tuesday. We researched the history of Pancake Tuesday using iPads and found out about different traditions in other countries on Pancake Tuesday. We then made some pancakes. We even put some lemon juice and sugar on our pancakes to make them extra special. They were delicious.

 On February 14th we celebrated Valentines Day by making valentine cards and love bugs. We also made delicious Queen of Heart tarts. We measured out the ingredients, rolled out the pastry and cut the shapes of the tarts.We then put the Queen of Heart tarts in the oven for ten minutes. We then brought the Queen of Hearts tarts home for our loved ones to eat. Happy Valentines Day from all in P4/5.

On the 1st of February, we read the story of St Brigid. We learned that she was an Irish saint and we celebrate her on the 1st February. After listening to the story of St Brigid, we made some St Brigid crosses from the rushes that Conor kindly brought in. We also made St Brigid's colourful cloak. It was very colourful just like St Brigid's cloak.

As part of our Extreme Earth topic the children looked at the inner core of the earth. We used modelling clay to make models of the  earths layers. The children really enjoyed the activity and worked really hard to create some lovely models of the earth.

In World Around Us Primary 4 & 5 have been looking at Extreme Earth. They have been finding out lots of information on volcanos, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes  and tornados. As part of the topic, the children worked with their friends to create a paper Mache volcano. The children put several layers of newspaper on over a plastic bottle, using wallpaper paste to glue and then painted over the newspaper to create their wonderful volcanos. Well done P4/5!!

Eimear with the letter that Catherine Coe sent her.

Jay, Shay and Daniel with the letter that JK Rowling sent them.

In Literacy, the P4/5 children had to write to their favourite authors. Mrs Burns posted the letters and the children were delighted when they received a response. The children have so far received responses from JK Rowling, David Walliams and Catherine Coe.