Primary 3/4, Miss Naan

Hello from the pupils in Primary 3/4!




We had some very scary visitors in the P3/4 classroom today as everyone arrived in their spooky Halloween costumes! We enjoyed a costume parade with the whole school in the hall this morning. We had lots of sweet treats at our Halloween party and ended the day with musical statutes. Happy Halloween from P3/4!!




In Numeracy, we have been learning about how to use a tally to collect data and record it in a bar chart. Today, children counted the different colours of smarties they received and recorded their data. The best part was eating our smarties afterwards!!



Our topic this term is 'Dungeons and Dragons.' We have been learning about Medieval castles this week and for this activity, children worked in pairs to create their own Medieval catapults using lollipop sticks, elastic bands and milk lids. We then tested our catapults to see how far they could make a pompom fly across the playground. Everyone enjoyed this experiment!







In the novel we have been reading, 'The Boy who Grew Dragons,' a little boy discovers that dragons have hatched from his dragonfruits! In World Around Us we tasted dragonfruit and used our five senses to describe what it looked, smelled, sounded, tasted and felt like. We had some fans and some harsh critics!