Primary 4 & 5, Mrs Burns

Numeracy: Function Machines

In Primary 5 we had been learning about function machines. We made some function machines and came up with equations for our friends to work out. It was great fun and we learnt so much about function machines through art. 

WAU: Titanic 

As part of the Titanic topic, children were tasked with creating a boat.

The boats had to be able to float for a minimum of 10 seconds, have a mast and the base to be at least A5 size.

The children created wonderful boats and showed fantastic creativity. It was evident that the children had put in a lot of time and effort into the task.

The children were delighted when we tested them in water and seen that they  all floated  for the required time. 

Numeracy: 3D Shapes 

In Numeracy we had been learning about 3D shapes. We had been learning about the properties of 3D shapes. We learnt about the vertices, faces and edges of 3D shapes.

Then we used 3D shapes in our enviornement to make models of the Titanic which was our topic in WAU. 

Literacy - Recount Genre

Children wrote letters to their favourite celebrities using all the key features they had learnt whilst focusing on the recount genre.

We posted all the letters and some children were fortunate to receive a response back from their favourite celebrity.

The children were delighted to receive the letter and gifts in the post.

STEM: Measure

As part of STEM, P4/5 made their own catapults. We then used the catapults to measure the distance the marshmallow travelled. We had so much fun!!! 

WAU: Under the Sea 

As part of our Under the Sea topic, the children made model aquariums and some felt fish. The children designed how to make the fish and the aqauarium. Then the children gathered all the materials they needed and made them. They look wonderful - well done everyone :) 

European Language Day

To celebrate European Language Day, we made Spainish magdalenas. We measured all the ingredients incorporating numeracy into our learning. They were delicious.