Primary 1 & 2, Miss Keown

Literacy: Procedural Writing

As part of procedural writing genre, P1/2 made some delicious smoothies. We then sequenced how to make smoothies. 

High Frequency Word Hunt

P1/2 children embarked on a word hunt.

P1 children had to identify the high frequency words and match the colour ensuring that all children are aware of colour recognition and recognising high frequency words.

The P2 children had to identify and record the high frequency words.We used the words to construct sentences.

They had so much fun exploring the school and learning all the new words. Well done everyone!!

Numeracy: Time - O'clock and half past

We have been learning about time. We played board games with our friends to consolidate learning. We really enjoyed it and it helped us to learn about time.


Numeracy: Measure

Children have been comparing objects in P1/2 and being introduced to new vocabulary such as bigger and smaller. The children had to sort the objects.